Topic: Treaty Settlements

Crown still making its way through settlements

By Aroha Treacher

To date there have been 68 historical treaty grievances settled, 42 of them under the current government.

The National Party election promise to settle all historical grievances by 2014 was admittedly an ambitious goal.

The historical settlement process which began in the 90s has seen some tribes wait decades to sign, but sign nonetheless. Lawyer Moana Jackson says although the process can be lengthy and complex, it has to be done.

But as the Govt ramps up its settlement work, so do negotiations, with the government snubbing Ngāpuhi's cash settlement hopes of between $500 - $600mil, making it the largest settlement to date.

There are around 55-60 iwi groups that are still waiting for their settlement date and its expected that only around a dozen or so of those will get to sign this year.