Topic: Nelson Mandela

Celebrations for Mandela continue across South Africa

In South Africa, the celebrations for Nelson Mandela continues on the streets throughout the country.

Our reporter Raiha Johns was in the heart of Soweto on Vilakazi Street, where Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie lived.

Beautiful voices and song nourish the grieving people of Soweto since the passing of Madiba.

Among the people is Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira, there to farewell the man who he says shaped his path.

He says, "These religious groups are vibrant.  I applaud them in raising the spirits during this sad time for the whole world."

The ANC Party is also here to celebrate Madiba, they invited Hone Harawira along.

Despite the differences in beliefs, there is one common focus.

Harawira says he's happy to bring the thoughts and well wishes of his people, and feels it's important to join Madiba's people in song.

"In the old days, he lived on the other side of Orlando Stadium and so did Desmond Tutu.  So it's only right I come and see his people."

Mandela and his family lived here in the 1940s until he was arrested.  He came back here when he was freed.  There is only one room in this house.

Back in Orlando, Hone is still dancing.  He still hasn't decided where he will go over the next few days.

"If I can go to the burial in Qunu then I will, but if I can't, it's still important to be here for the entire funeral."

Paying respects to Madiba is his main goal.

"His love for his people is still alive, even for his enemy.  Madiba is a true leader."

While Soweto is a dangerous place most of the time, it is currently peaceful to ensure Mandela's vision is fulfilled, his vision of unity.