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Māori Television reports on the Government's Budget 2015, funding and initiatives to be expected, and other relevant stories.

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Budget 2016 - Breakdown, gains and losses

The Government has invested billions in this year’s budget into initiatives it claims will ensure economic growth in New Zealand. Health and core public services like health and education were the big winners in Bill English's 8th Budget. Te Kāea reporters Heeni Brown and Heta Gardiner analysed Budget 2016 and will take us through all the gains and losses for Māori.  

Budget 2016 - Kura Kaupapa want basic Māori resources

Despite the announcement for $11 billion in early childhood, primary and secondary education, some Kura Kaupapa say they are still in need of the basics. Te Runanga Nui o ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori says the government needs to step up and provide funds for basic infrastructure, like Māori language subject textbooks that are non-existent in Kura Kaupapa classrooms.