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Anika Moa launches new children's album

Her twin sons, Barry and Taane, were the inspiration behind Anika Moa's debut children's album. "Songs for Bubbas" was launched today and it's full of songs about love, laughter and fun designed for babies and toddlers through to young people.

Since the birth of Anika Moa's twin boys, they've been the centre of her world.

'I want some of the songs to be recognised like "Oma Rāpeti".'

So as a natural progression, she's written her first children's album, called 'Songs for Bubbas'.

Anika is still working on writing albums for adults, and as well as touring around NZ promoting songs from the album, she's in the middle of producing another album.

'Songs for Bubbas' is in stores and on iTunes from today.