Topic: Waitangi

Thousands turn out to celebrate Waitangi Day

By Te Kāea

Thousands have flocked to Waitangi in celebration of the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty.

Celebrations have attracted a very multicultural crowd with Māori, Pakeha and a range of other International visitors participating in events and enjoying the spirit of the day.

A serene dawn service this morning kicked off events which was followed up by an impressive journey of waka around the harbour, and a mass haka at Te Tii Bay.

Hundreds of stalls, rides and other special performances are also being enjoyed by all.

Te Waka Huia entertained the masses with a polished bracket at the Treaty Grounds followed by a stunning performance from Hatea.

The Navy completed its 21 gun salute with a huge crowd of onlookers and later this afternoon Ardijah will perform to help round up the events of the day.

The Hīkoi made up of a wide variety of people has also made it's way up to the Waitangi Treaty grounds.

Te Kāea will have in depth stories on all of today’s events , tonight at 5:30 and 7pm with subtittes.