Tara Brown described as devoted loving mother

By Taroi Black
  • Australia
Tara Brown

A close friend of Tara Brown has described her as a loving mother whose first priority was always her daughter and family.

Kendyl Te Rangi, a close friend of Tara Brown told Te Kāea today that the tragic death of the 24 year old mother has devastated her friends and family and they are all still reeling from what’s happened.

24-year-old Tara Brown died in hospital last night after she was allegedly run off the road and brutally assaulted by her former partner Lionel Patea in the Gold Coast on Tuesday morning.

Patea has now been charged with her murder and will face further charges including contravening a domestic violence order.

Tara’s friend and touch team mate Kendyl Te Rangi says, “One of the big things that stood out to me for Tara was how much she loved being a mother her first priority was her baby.

“Everything was about that little girl and her family she was such a loving caring person that just loved life to the fullest and I think that’s something that reflects from her mum because her mum is exactly the same type of person she’s just so strong and loving,” says Te Rangi.

Te Rangi says Tara had a bright future ahead of her and was a gifted sportsperson who had played for Whakatane based touch team ‘Too Sharp’ and also represented ‘Queensland.’

She says Tara always took time out of her schedule to use her skills to help nurture and support up and coming players.

“She was one of the most loyal players in our touch club and had a big influence over our children and she also mentored them,“ says Te Rangi.

Te Rangi says family and friends have rallied together to support each other in this heart-breaking time and the focus for them now is remembering the wonderful person Tara was and supporting her daughter which is what Tara described as her biggest achievement.

A bedside hearing was held for Patea yesterday and he has been remanded in custody until the 28th of October when he will appear before the Southport Magistrates Court.

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