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Groups against Statoil exploration unite in Kaikohe

By Dean Nathan, Te Kāea
  • Northland
Hīkoi in Kaikohe heading to Waitangi

Groups from around Northland are converging as they make their way to Waitangi, protesting against oil giant Statoil's continued exploration of the seabed.

Te Kāea spoke with some members of the group forming under a united stance as they arrived in Kaikohe today on foot, on scooters and in cars.

The hikoi which began in Hokianga arose following concern over the potential impact oil exploratory drilling could have on water quality and sea life.

Statoil has it's eyes set on the Te Reinga Basin and holds a six-year term to explore the seabed for oil in the region.  This protest follows another with a similar message held in Ahipara last month.

According to Joel Bristow of Te Hikutu and Ngāti Manu, those making the journey to Waitangi want the seabed left alone and maintained for younger generations. He also says the Hikoi is not only targeted at Statoil but other oil companies interested in drilling in their waters.

The Hikoi is expected to be welcomed onto Te Tii Marae tommorrow at 12pm.

Dean Nathan will have the full story tonight on Te Kāea at 5:30 and 7pm with subtitles.