Cousins break ten records at Olympic Weightlifting Nationals

By Aroha Treacher
  • Wellington

Cousins Kaeley and Kelsea Elkington have together broken eight national records between them at the Olympic Weightlifting Nationals being held in Wellington in the under 63kg weight-class.

Seventeen-year-old Kaeley Elkington broke two her own New Zealand Youth and Junior records with a 66kg snatch.

She then went on to break her own clean and jerk record with a 81kg lift. The total combined score of both the snatch and clean and jerk enabled her to also take out the total combined national record for youth and junior.

"I'm excited about and I was planning on going for records, my first snatch didn't go as planned but once I got that second life I was feeling better," says Elkington.

Her younger, 15-year-old cousin Kelsea, a student at Wellington Girls, also broke her two previous national records, with a 50kg snatch and a 63kg clean and jerk.

She is stoked with her results, "I did crossfit for about two years and then was better at the lifting side, did one comp and I got the records for that one and then carried on from there," she says.

Both girls have only been in the sport for about a year, with Kaeley taking out gold and Kelsea going home with silver.

Kaeley also brought home a silver medal from this years Youth Commonwealth Games held in Samoa.