Te Reo Māori advocates talk the talk

By Ripeka Timutimu

Ko Te Reo kia Tika, Ko Te Reo Kia Rere, Ko Te Reo Kia Maori. That is the main goal of a new Māori language group set up in Wellington this week..

He hasn't but one drop of Māori blood, but its obvious Mark Bradley has a Māori heart.

He says,“while there are a lot of opportunities and learning programmes where te reo can be learned he wants to utilise more in social situations and general conversation.”

Mark has been learning the Māori language for 25 years, attending Kura Reo along the way, and so last night reo enthusiasts met up with one common objective.

This is the first hui of its type in Wellington, and for Kiingi Hepi, a Māori language teacher at Te Wananga o Aotearoa, there isn't anything more important.

So for now Mark has realised one of his goals, but knows there's a lot more work ahead.

The group will meet again next Thursday at Te Papa Tongarewa.