Ngarimu VC Scholarship funding boost

There have been changes made and extra funding put into the Ngarimu VC education scholarship programme run by the Ministry of Education.

In addition to the essay writing competition with cash prizes to go toward your studies, there is now a multimedia category for entries and a partially funded trip where 30 lucky high school students will get to do a pilgrimage in March this year of the places the 28th MĀori Battalion fought and travelled in the 2nd world war

Through showing students the actual places their forefathers fought and travelled TO during World War 2, the hope is a new level of understanding and appreciation will be found, this is one of the changes to the Ngarimu VC Scholarship programme

In addition to being able to gain cash prizes furthering your education through great essay writing, you can now make multimedia projects for assessment, to broaden the appeal to young people.

David Jones is a proud recipient, and he says there was definite value added to his education in receiving the scholarship.

He believes the changes are great and says it’s just another way to draw young people in to furthering their education and learning about the significance of their past.

Entries are welcomed from March and close in September, go to the Ministry of Education website for the full details.