The moko evolution of Patrick Salmon

Taroi Black
  • Waikato/Te Waiariki

Patrick Salmon is breaking his silence for the first time since completing half of his face in moko almost 2 months ago. This follows on from the controversial issue around women claiming that he wore a moko kauae of a woman.

Salmon following through with what he intended.

“I got a lot of clarity in what I wanted to do. I think finding purpose is definitely one of them. I’ve done a whole lot of stuff in my life but to be completely honest since coming here and creating Kairua. I’ve really found my sense of purpose.”

Last year Salmon promised to complete half his face.

“Instead of handing over the pain on what I’ve learned. I'm all about sharing the wisdom that was learned through that experience.”

Two months ago the captain of the popular social media platform Kairua had being in contact with a Leah Moko Rapana who agreed to complete this part of his journey.

“Well I went live, so you can find that on Kairua relations. I was privileged enough to have the Tā Leah Rapana, who is also known as Moko from Te Arawa. She did it but for me. I have been ready for a while now and the opportunity just came across.”

Remarkably the controversy was started by women and closed by women.

“They noticed that there were a lot of women that were mad about me having a moko kauae. So to close it down as a wahine, anei kei te whakahoki te mana ki a koe."

Salmon's moko will continue to develop as he does.