The Sharing Circle

Ko THE SHARING CIRCLE te pakipūmeka Taketake kua tino whakaatuhia i runga i ngā pouaka whakaata o Canada. Kei tēneki hōtaka ahurei ngā wāhanga 13 o ngā pakipūmeka hāwhe hāora e arotahi ana ki ngā take mohoa, hāngai hoki ki te kaupapa, ā ka tirohia mā roto i ngā āhuatanga ā-wairua taketake

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Ep 1 Walk for Life
Using traditional teachings, the residents of the Northern Ontario Ojibway Community of Pic Mobert First nation are taking a spiritual path to healing a community impacted by drug abuse. To begin this new treatment, they are embarking on a ‘Walk for Life’, a trek by foot of over a thousand kilometres to a Sundance ceremony in Manitoba.

Ep 2 The Dance
Life was not easy in the farming and fishing communities of western Newfoundland. It was even harder if you were Mi’kmaq. Follow director and cameraman Dave Gaudet as he returns to Newfoundland to discover his Mi’kmaq heritage.

Ep 3   The Condor & The Eagle
Incan prophesy foretells of a day when the condor of the South and the eagle of the North will fly together and spirit will descend on the land once again. As the world suffers under the weight of globalisation, there are indigenous healers and elders working to heal the world and it’s people.

Ep 4 Miss Indian World
In Albuquerque, New Mexico forty young women come together to represent their distinct First Nations communities from Canada and the U.S. Judges are not looking for physical perfection, but rather poise and pride. In this episode we profile three Canadian contestants.

Ep 5 Written in Stone
This documentary presents the story of an Aboriginal archaeologist, Kevin Brownlee from the Manitoba Museum. His current focus is determining where and how the early inhabitants of Northern Manitoba lived.

Ep 6 Warrior Societies
This documentary takes an in-depth look at the Wounded Knee standoff on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota between the American Indian Movement, the United States Army, the FBI and the State Militia. Twenty years later in Canada, on the Oka First Nation, a standoff took place between the Mohawk Warrior Society and the Canadian Army with the Quebec Police. What triggered the standoff and what has been resolved since?

Ep 7 When Mom’s in Jail
Every year in Canada at least 25,000 children have a mother in prison. With women being the fastest growing prison population in the world, this number is expected to rise. Maintaining a strong mother/child bond can be difficult. The Meyoyawin Circle Child Visit program at the Pine Grove women’s institution in Saskatchewan has made mother/child visitation a priority.

Ep 8 White Buffalo Prophecy
In 2005, an all-white buffalo calf is born in the northern United States and is quickly acquired by an astute zoo director in Winnipeg, Canada who is aware of this sacred animal’s significance. With the help of a local Elder, a permanent home is set up for the aptly named ‘Blizzard’ at Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Zoo.

Ep 09  Three Square Meals
From the funky, haute cuisine to life-saving meals on the mean streets of Winnipeg, First Nation’s Chefs are making their mark. ‘Three Square Meals’ is a profile of Aboriginal chefs in three distinct environments.

Ep 10 Learning to Lead
‘Pull up up your shirt sleeves and lead by example’, that’s what Ryan Bruyere’s grandmother taught him. Ryan is a member of an active core of students who have spent several years in the intensive Aboriginal Governance program at the University of Winnipeg, which teaches them, among other things, about aboriginal politics, conflict resolution and self-government.

Ep 11 Saving a Life
Tobacco. Smoking. The prayers of Aboriginal people lifted high on the winds to be caught by the Eagle and carried onward to our Creator. This episode is a documentary of the challenge, learning and growth that Ryan Black will experience in his latest and hopefully final attempt to stop smoking cigarettes.

Ep 12 Inuit and Dene Games
For the first time, the Inuit and Dene games are being included as part of the 2007 Canada Winter Games held in Whitehorse. We follow two groups of athletes competing in both the Inuit and Dene Games, showing their cultural significance while revealing the skill and agility required to compete in these amazing events.

Ep 13 A New Way Forward
More than ten years ago, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples released it’s mammoth five-volume report of the health, education and political status of Canada’s First Nations. The report recommended sweeping change but little progress has been made in many areas. This Sharing Circle documentary reveals how and why Canada gets a failing grade when it comes to keeping the promises of improving the quality of life for most Aboriginal Canadians.

Ep 14 Spirituality Seekers
Kurt Fenkart and his wife Christine are Shaman teachers on a mission to reconnect with their long lost spiritual roots. They are doing it by learning the sacred practices of other indigenous cultures, including those of Canada’s First Nation’s People. In this episode they will travel to Canada for the first time, to embark on a journey to learn about aboriginal culture first hand.

Ep 15 Rising Son
Rising son is the story of a young Ojibway man Clarence Fisher who finds strength in this people’s traditional ceremonies as a means to overcome his drug addiction and to make it in the film and television industry.

Ep 16 The Asham Stompers
‘The Asham Stompers’ is a half-hour documentary that features the music and dance of the Metis people. The Asham Stompers are a Metis dance troupe dedicated to showcasing the Red River Jig and the music that drives it. Today the Asham Stompers Festival of Metis Music and Dance is an annual event.

Ep 17 Re-learning our Ways
In Aboriginal schools and communities, there is a growing movement to reconnect young people with their traditional ways. Inspiring pride in their heritage and self confidence to meet the future. This documentary visits three communities in Manitoba, where the youth are discovering their cultural identity through the teachings of mentors and elders.

Ep 18 The Gold Rush
This documentary considers the issues associated with mining on First Nations Land, by comparing the experiences of two Quebec First Nations – one already involved in mining, the other considering it. The program reveals the advantages and disadvantages of this sort of endeavour.

Ep 19 Living Earth
The Inigenous view of the Earth as a living, breathing entity may help save Lake Winnipeg, the Boreal Forest and ultimately the entire planet. As the world teeters on the brink of environmental collapse, this story examines people who respect this indigenous worldview of the Earth.

Ep 20 No Room to Grow
Canada is a signatory on international treaties on human rights, but housing it’s citizens has not been a national priority in over a decade, resulting in a growing homeless at risk population. Aboriginal people in Canada are disproportionately represented in this population.

Ep 21 Pauingassi: Portrait of Hope
Like many First Nations facing many social problems, Pauingassi First Nation receives considerable media attention. This story goes behind the headlines to examine how this community copes with the serious consequences of widespread alcoholism.

Ep 22 Red Man In Blue
Red Man In Blue is an inside look at the Winnipeg Police service’s Diversity Relations Section. In this half hour of The Sharing Circle we meet Patrol Sergeant Cecil Sveinson. We also follow the latest recruit class through their Aboriginal cultural awareness training.

Ep 23 Money for Healing
How have people reacted to the residential school settlement agreement and what are recipients planning to do with their settlement payment? On September 19th 2007, a landmark compensation deal of nearly two billions dollars in ‘common experience payments’ was be provided to an estimated 80,000 former Indian residential school students, who attended one of 130 schools across the country between 1920 and 1996.

Ep 24 Storytellers
Sharing Circle examines the multi-media approach to contemporary Aboriginal storytelling through the eyes of young actors enrolled in Arts Mentorship at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People in Winnipeg.

Ep 25 Bingo!
Games of chance have forever been a part of Aboriginal culture and the Sharing Circle examines the reigning champ of popular games – Bingo! Despite the fact that most people never win, bingo remains a popular pastime for First Nations people, especially in remote communities.

26 Did You Know?
This episode of The Sharing Circle explores some of the more outrageous and bizarre facts concerning the history of the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and Canada and how these have influenced the political, economic and social conditions of the country’s First Peoples.