The Nutters Club

I roto i ta rātou whare hou kei Tāmaki a Newstalk ZB, ka hoki mai ano a Mike King me Dr. David Codyre he rata mate hinengaro me o rātou manuhiri ka huihuihia ia wiki. I hangaia mā te tautoko a Irirangi te Motu.

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Wāhanga Wha

Ūpoko 1  Aiden Broughton
Aiden Broughton was destined for success but when he experienced sudden emotional and mental set-backs his private world and law career quickly came apart.  

Ūpoko 2  Michele Elliott
When Michele Elliot lost her teen son Jordan to suicide she was immediately thrust into a world of confusion, pain and grief and unable to find support from services.

Ūpoko 3 Tai Tupou
When Tai Tupou discovered a truth that shocked him to his core, he decided to turn this upheaval into a positive statement that has changed his world.  

Ūpoko 4  Richie Hardcore
A champion martial artist, Richie speaks about the issues facing young people growing-up with the consequences of family relationships ruled by alcohol and violence.

Ūpoko 5  Helena McAlpine
Helena McAlpine made New Zealand home for a decade and enjoyed a wild ride of parties and media exposure. But it all came to a hard-stop when Helena was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 31 years of age.

Ūpoko 6   Hamiora de Thierry
Kicked-out of home at fifteen and raised on the streets of Huntly, Hamiora de Thierry, is a street-smart guy with neat, sideways observations on what it means to grow up as a young  urban Maori.  

Ūpoko 7 Bryan Townley
He’s the singing hotel manager from Invercargill who won hearts on The X Factor but beneath the on-stage presence, Bryan carries a load of grief from the sudden, tragic death of his life partner and wife Annette.

Ūpoko 8 David Hunt
Successful third generation farmer David Hunt joins The Nutters Club to share his dramatic story of his rapid descent into chronic depression and the long road back. 

Ūpoko 9 Deb Shillingford and McHayla Brinkley
Seventeen year old year McHayla suffered in silence, hiding her private pain from those she loved including her mum Deb, until she thought there was only one way out.

Ūpoko 10 Aroha Hathaway
Broadcaster, actress, former law student and all-round bright spark, Aroha Hathaway shares from the heart the terrible toll sexual abuse has had on her life but this is not the tale of a broken  woman.

Ūpoko 11  Ken Clearwater and Rewi Smith
As survivors of male sexual abuse, Ken Clearwater and Rewi Smith have each walked different long paths to recovery and mental wellbeing and now call on their experience to help others.

Ūpoko 12 Lisa Tamati
Lisa Tamati’s story is one of survival. She’s an ultramarathon runner but her toughest journey has been in recovery from an abusive relationship, and serious depression.

Ūpoko 13 Hemi Pou and Dale Mackey
Kaumatua Hemi Pou befriended Dale Mackey when Dale was struggling with his diagnosis of schizophrenia. The result has been life-changing experience for both men.

Ūpoko 14 Martin Crowe
Cricketing legend Martin Crowe had long-fought private battles that were destroying his mental wellbeing. Now a recent shock diagnosis of cancer created a new challenge and has provided unexpected positive outcomes.

Ūpoko 15 Chloe Waretini
Chloe Waretini is a bright young creative mind but she has also has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Her journey finding the right treatment has helped her find a way back into a world of hope. 

Ūpoko 16 Arana Pearson
Peer support worker Arana Pearson hears voices and has seen the best and worst of the mental health system. After a lifetime of challenging experiences, he now shares lessons with others who share his often-misunderstood condition.

Ūpoko 17 Todd Karehana
Todd grew up bullied and isolated by his peers. It took a path of self-exploration to realise his sexual identity and find a new understanding of his past as he re-engaged with his Maori heritage.

Ūpoko 18 Brendan Wade
Working in a ship’s engineering room Brendan Wade thought he was dying but doctors reassured him that it was panic, not a heart attack that engulfed him. He now shares his own perspective on managing health and wellbeing.

Ūpoko 19 Zach Makoare
Zack was a man who grew up in the shadow of violence. After losing his teenage son to suicide, Zack has worked through the grief and turned his life around, creating a charitable trust that helps young people achieve to their fullest potential.

Ūpoko 20 Ezekiel Raui
After a spate of teen suicides in the Far North, one young college student stepped up in an attempt to start a dialogue about an epidemic that nobody is talking about.