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E haere ake nei - Ngā Pakipūmeka a te Rātū

Hands Up for Democracy - The Norfolk Island Story, Rātū 22 o Hereturikōkā, 9.00 i te pō
For almost forty years Norfolk Island has been self-governing, flown its own flag and represented itself at the Commonwealth Games. All this is about to change as Australia takes over the governance of the island from the 1st July 2016. A protest movement called "The Norfolk Island People for Democracy" has been established with their one aim to take back control of the island. This is their story.

Native Land - Return to Rurutu, Rāhina 28 o Hereturikōkā, 8.30 i te pō (TUARUA)
Maeva and Eteroa are 23 and 20 years old.  Brother and sister by blood, they were born on the remote island of Rurutu, in the heart of the Pacific, and were adopted by a French couple at the very beginning of their lives.  Thus, they grew up far away from home.  Now, they wonder about themselves. They want to know their origin and their culture, discover the island where they came to the world, and hopefully bloom in a life that hasn't satisfied them so far.  They have decided to discover their native land.  Today, they leave on a journey that will lead them much farther than they had imagined.

Saving Tuna, Rātū 05 o Mahuru, 9.00 i te pō (TUARUA)
A documentary that reveals the extraordinary life-cycle of the longfin eel (tuna), its history among Māori tribes, and the passion of iwi and individuals to help the threatened eel survive and thrive.

Once Were Warriors - Where are They Now? Rātū 12 o Mahuru, 9.00 i te pō (TUARUA)
Twenty years ago a movie no one thought would succeed, did.  2014 will be the film's 20th birthday and Once Were Warriors:  Where are they now? Gathers the cast and key protagonists together to tell the real story of how the movie was made; and its impact, on both themselves and the nation.

Kumu Hina, Rātū 19 o Mahuru, 9.00 i te pō (TUARUA)
Imagine a world where a little boy can grow up to be the woman of his dreams, and a young girl can rise to become a leader among men.  Welcome to Kumu Hina's Hawai'i.  during a momentous year in her life in modern Honolulu, Hina Wong-Kalu, a native Hawaiian māhū, or transgender, teacher uses traditional culture to inspire a student to claim her place as leader of the schools all male hula troupe.  But despite her success as a teacher, Hina longs for love and a committed relationship. Will her marriage to a headstrong Tongan man fulfill her dreams?  An incredible docu-drama that unfolds like a narrative film, KUMU HINA reveals a side of Hawai'i rarely seen on screen.

Ghostland: The View of the Ju-Hoansi, Rātū 26 o Mahuru, 8.30 i te pō
Remember the culture clash in The Gods Must Be Crazy? This time it's real. One of the most ancient cultures on our planet is undergoing a major change. The Ju-Hoansi Bushmen in Namibia are not allowed to hunt anymore and need to converge with our so called "civilised" lifestyle. For the first time the Ju-Hoansi Bushmen travel through the Kalahari and then right into the heart of Europe. What starts as a look at their fascinating culture becomes an even more fascinating look on our Western lifestyle.