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E haere ake nei - Ngā Pakipūmeka a te Rātū

Voices of the Land - Ngā Reo o te Whenua, Rātū 21 o Huitanguru, 8.30 i te pō (TUARUA)
Paul Wolffram's film melds sounds from noted musicians Richard Nunns and Horomona Horo, recorded in spectacular locations around New Zealand, to demonstrate that the sounds of the natural world are a form of music too.  Nunns is a renowned expert in taonga pūoro - traditional Māori instruments like wood and bone flutes.

Endurance - Shackleton's Legendary Antartic Expedition, Rātū 28 o Huitanguru, 8.30 i te pō (TUARUA)
A retelling of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill fated expedition to Antarctica in 1914-1916, featuring new footage of the actual locations and interviews with surviving relatives of key expedition members.

Tales from the Organ Trade, Rātu 07 o Poutū-te-rangi, 8.30 i te pō (TUARUA)
Tales from the Organ Trade explores the controversial practice of black-market organ trafficking; from the street-level brokers who solicit kidney donors, to the rogue surgeons who perform the operations from the impoverished donors willing to sacrifice a part of their bodies for a quick payday, to the desperate patients who face the agonizing choice of obeying the law or saving their lives.

This Way of Life, Rātu 14 o Poutū-te-rangi, 8.30 i te pō (TUARUA)
Set against the imposing mountains and isolated beaches in a remote part of New Zealand, This Way of Life is an intimate portrait of a Māori family and their relationship with nature, adversity, their horses and society at large.

The Salt of the Earth, Rātū 21 o Poutū-te-rangi, 8.30 i te pō 
The life and work of photographer Sebastião Salgado, who has spent forty years documenting deprived societies in hidden corners of the world.

Citizen Four, Rātū 28 o Poutū-te-rangi, 8.30 i te pō 
A documentarian and a reporter travel to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with Edward Snowden.