Mythical Tales Come to Life in New Māori Television Series

The mythical stories of Aotearoa are explored in POUTIRIAO, a new entertaining 11-part series premiering Sunday 14 July at 8pm on Te Reo channel and Wednesday 17 July 2013 at 8pm on Māori Television.

POUTIRIAO focuses on a different kaitiaki (guardian) in each episode, sharing the personal encounters with the spiritual beings; uncovering the unique relationship we have with Te Ao Wairua (the spirit world).

“We highlight how relevant these stories are today and hopefully after watching it people will understand why we protect our water and our land,” says producer Ngatapa Black.

Taking many forms, from taniwha to stingrays, kaitiaki watch over the people, as spiritual messengers between the spirit world and the physical world, they protect the land and warn of tapu.

From the ancient tuatara that dwells in the depths of a historic rock cave on the East Coast to the home of the taniwha Karutahi on the Waikato River, POUTIRIAO provides us with a portal to the spiritual world.

“Our kaitiaki are all around us, they are in our dreams, on top of misty hills, in rivers and in the air that surrounds us,” says Black.

Established and emerging artists including Charlotte Graham, Marcus Winter, Natasha Keating and Hemi Kiwikiwi also feature in the production of the series, visually interpreting the stories through different art mediums.

An enlightening and refreshing new series, POUTIRIAO showcases the true beauty of Aotearoa.

Tune in to POUTIRIAO, Monday 14 July at 8pm on Te Reo channel and Wednesday 17 July at 8pm on Māori Television.

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