Māori Television Responds to Speculation on Relocating Māori TV

Māori Television refutes claims made in today’s newspapers that it is planning to relocate its offices and studios from Newmarket to Rotorua.

Chief Executive Officer Paora Maxwell says those claims are inaccurate. “I can assure people that there has been absolutely no determination whatsoever from the Board or senior management to move to Rotorua,” he says.

“In fact, there’s been no decision at this time to move anywhere,” he says. “What is happening is that we are in the middle of a scoping exercise since our lease in Newmarket comes up for review in 2017. So we are looking at a range of leasing options including staying where we currently are,” says Mr Maxwell.

“This is a scoping exercise to see what our options are and part of that means, looking at different locations. Yes we have talked to the Rotorua District Council, says Mr Maxwell. “We have also talked to the Hamilton City Council and Auckland Council’s Independent Māori Statutory Board.”

“We have a lot more scoping work to complete, there are many considerations to take on board, and there are a wide range of options on the table,” says Mr Maxwell.
“With the scoping work not yet completed, Māori Television senior management have yet to make any recommendation to the MTS Board on best possible leasing options and locations. The Board of Directors ultimately will make the decision.” he says.
No further comment will be made on this matter until a decision has been made.


Vienna Richards
Communications Manager  | Kaiwhakahaere Whakapā
Māori Television